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Why is the energy saving and environmental protection of the intermediate frequency furnace?
In the smelting industry, if it is said which type of smelting equipment is most recommended, many people in the industry will recommend intermediate frequency furnaces. The intermediate frequency furnace has many advantages over other melting furnaces, but what people value most is the performance of the intermediate frequency furnace in energy saving and environmental protection.
Method for reducing electrode loss in electric furnace of intermediate frequency furnace
The main reasons for electrode wear in electric furnaces such as steel and intermediate frequency furnaces are: It is divided into two aspects: first, chemical loss caused by oxidation during the smelting process, and second, physical loss caused by broken electrodes.
Matters needing attention when using intermediate frequency furnace
1. Before starting the furnace, check whether the electrical equipment, water cooling system, copper tube of the sensor are intact, otherwise it is forbidden to open the furnace.2. Furnace melting loss should be repaired in time if it exceeds regulations. Smelting is strictly prohibited in crucibles with excessive melting.
Electrical system composition
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2020-03-17 17:36
The basic circuit of the commonly used control circuit consists of the following parts.(1) Power supply circuit. The power supply of the power supply circuit includes AC380V and 220V.(2) Protection circuit. The working power of the protection (auxiliary) circuit is single-phase 220, 36V or DC 220, 24V, etc. It performs various protections such as short circuit, overload and voltage loss on electrical equipment and lines. It consists of fuses, thermal relays and voltage loss coils , Rectifier components and voltage stabilizer components.
Electrical main functions
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2020-03-17 17:36
In order to ensure the reliability and safety of primary equipment operation, many auxiliary electrical equipment are needed to serve it. The combination of several electrical components capable of achieving a certain control function is called a control circuit or a secondary circuit. These devices must have the following features
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